Whether you are a PR pro, an aspiring author or blogger, sharpening your writing skills constantly is essential to your professional success. Becoming a brilliant writer isn’t easy, but there are some practical strategies that might help you … (read more…)


Crises put an enormous strain on any organization’s communications team. Non-stop phone calls, endless emails and inquiries from the media often leave little time to communicate with your own employees.

Of course, most of them will be aware of … (read more…)


Red Banyan Group Founder and Principal Evan Nierman was recently featured in a fascinating article by The PR Insider, a respected publication that shares advice, insights and interviews with thought leaders in … (read more…)


It’s not easy for a company to find its own voice in today’s highly competitive media-saturated environment. With so many similar brands competing for consumer attention, how is one to differentiate itself from the herd? The answer to this … (read more…)

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On Tuesday morning, millions of Good Morning America (GMA) viewers were introduced to a groundbreaking new vision correction procedure performed by the nation’s leading vision correction provider TLC Laser Eye … (read more…)


Whether you are a business owner, employee or job seeker, your online reputation is extremely important to your professional success. Both modern consumers and employers use search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find information about … (read more…)


PepsiCo’s The Quaker Oats Company has come under fire this week after a lawsuit was filed against the brand arguing that the company’s “100% natural” claims are misleading.

The suit filed on behalf of consumers in New York and California … (read more…)


Last Thursday during the NFL draft something totally surreal happened. Top prospect Laremy Tunsil was passed over by team after team, until finally being picked up at number 13 by the Miami Dolphins.

The reason? Just before the draft a (read more…)


With the internship season almost upon us, we decided it’s high time we shared some wisdom about how students and young professionals can make the most out of their apprenticeships.

Internships remain one of the best ways to get hands-on … (read more…)


As we predicted in our recent blog, following Target’s decision to allow transgender people to use restrooms and fitting rooms that correspond to their gender … (read more…)


Crisis PR expert and founder of Red Banyan Group, Evan Nierman was announced as a finalist in the 2016 Up & Comer Awards by South Florida Business & Wealth magazine last Friday. This is the second … (read more…)


In today’s competitive job market, more and more students rely on internships to gain valuable work experience and boost their chances for landing a job after graduating. However, not all internships are created equal. The best internship programs … (read more…)

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Leading health and nutritional supplement manufacturer IQ Formulations was named 2016 Business of the Year by the South Florida Business Journal yesterday. IQ Formulations’ award was announced last night … (read more…)


This Tuesday, Target Corp joined a long list of companies who expressed opposition to the recently passed North Carolina bill that requires transgender people to only use public restrooms that correspond to their birth sex.

“We welcome … (read more…)

It’s very nice when a company tries to connect with its clientele – tries to speak their language, if you will.

A little effort can go a long way, but this can easily backfire if you forget to proofread.

In a literal effort to speak the … (read more…)


National mobile carrier Sprint came under fire this week after it released an ad on Tuesday, in which one of its customers referred to the company’s rival T-Mobile as “ghetto.”

The video called “(read more…)

(C) KEYSTONE/Martial Trezzini

A brand’s reputation is its most valuable resource. This is especially true for non-profits. So when the news broke on Sunday that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was inaccurately listed as a beneficiary of several shell … (read more…)


One of the biggest data breach stories in history, the Panama Papers has taken the global news media by storm. More than 11 million confidential documents were leaked revealing how wealthy individuals, including certain public officials use offshore … (read more…)


When it comes to crisis PR, no threat to a brand’s reputation should be taken lightly, and Campbell Soup Company recently demonstrated a perfect understanding of this concept. The company reacted swiftly to a (read more…)


April’s Fool Day serves as a good reason for marketers and PR people to get a little extra creative…and often silly. However, Trader Joe’s communications department took it one step too far, when the company allowed Yahoo News to prank readers … (read more…)

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Most successful companies nowadays have blogs, and with good reason – blogging is one of the most effective tools for a business to engage customers, drive traffic to its website, and improve SEO. However, for a company blog to be effective in … (read more…)

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In the age of social media, hashtags can serve as a powerful tool to get publicity and share your message with millions of people around the world. But like all powerful tools, they should be utilized with extreme caution.

[caption … (read more…)

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By now, there’s hardly anyone living in the United States who hasn’t yet heard of the seemingly never-ending Chipotle PR crisis. The Denver-based chain has been in perpetual … (read more…)

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Three billion – that’s how many media impressions the new “Make Me Like You” music video by Gwen Stefani and Target has generated since it was produced in … (read more…)

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Clothing retailer Lands’ End found itself between two fires recently after it faced criticism from both pro- and anti-abortion activists for printing and later removing an interview with Gloria Steinem from company catalogs.

[caption … (read more…)

Afghan-boy-in-Messi-plastic-bag-shirt-665x373 copy

Murtaza Ahmadi is a 5-year-old Afghan boy who became a worldwide sensation after he was photographed wearing a Lionel Messi jersey made from an old blue striped plastic bag.

(read more…)

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Pitching has always been a cornerstone in the art of securing earned media coverage. Oftentimes an effective, well-crafted pitch is all that separates the news of the day from a story that no one has heard.(read more…)

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Leading health and nutritional supplement company IQ Formulations and its CEO Jay Cohen were featured with a great article last Friday in the (read more…)

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If you read or even walked past a copy of today’s issue of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, you couldn’t have missed its front-page feature story boldly headlined “Holocaust Curator on Special Mission.” The captivating piece talks about the … (read more…)

Good crisis PR is worth every penny.(read more…)

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To succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment, companies spend large sums of money for marketing and PR. However, many businesses don’t realize that prior to conducting such outreach, any size company also needs to have a media … (read more…)


Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton came under fire following yesterday’s Super Bowl, but not for his on-the-field play in their loss to the Broncos. The young quarterback received major criticism after sulking and abruptly walking out of … (read more…)


There exists a misconception among many business owners that public relations is just another marketing tool. (read more…)


Professional soccer player Emmanuel Adebayor raised a lot of eyebrows this Tuesday, when after signing his job contract with Crystal Palace, he admitted that he knew nothing about his new club and … (read more…)


Red Banyan Group continues to expand its Washington, D.C. office with the addition of Jodie Singer as Account Executive. In her new role, Jodie will prepare and execute a variety of strategic communications initiatives and public relations campaigns … (read more…)


Google came under fire recently after its paid advertising division AdWords sent an email referring to the terms “curvy” and “plus size” as “negative physical attributes,” and exposing a controversial standard in its advertising rules. … (read more…)


Blue Bell Creameries has been slowly recovering from a months-long PR crisis sparked by a fatal listeria outbreak in March 2015 linked to several of its products. (read more…)


One of the country’s most successful restaurant chains, Chipotle Mexican Grill, has been under fire for a while now, since news of an October E. Coli outbreak at several of its restaurants prompted widespread media coverage. Chipotle’s initial … (read more…)


The stakes for Bill Cosby’s damage control and crisis PR efforts just grew higher given that he has now been hit with a felony assault charge stemming from a sexual encounter with a woman over a decade ago.

To date, dozens of women have accused … (read more…)

This week Inc. Magazine published its roundup of the biggest business scandals of 2015. Spanning a wide range of … (read more…)

aptopix-universe-pageant copy cropped

How does it feel to achieve your lifelong goal only to have it taken away from you moments later? Just ask Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez-Arévalo who was mistakenly announced as Miss Universe 2015 at the pageant last night by this year’s host … (read more…)


Nothing is a secret anymore in the social media age.(read more…)


Brad Palubicki, President of NuMale Medical Center, recently became a contributor for more…)

career fair

Evan Nierman, Founder and Principal of Red Banyan Group, appeared as a featured speaker at the Student Career Fair last night at Miami Dade College. The renowned communications expert talked about the current … (read more…)

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Red Banyan Group Founder and Principal Evan Nierman flew to Atlanta, GA this weekend, where the Public Relations Society of America and the Public (read more…)


Remember that awkward moment when Starbucks announced their “Race Together” campaign? While some responded with “Can I just have my coffee now?”, others questioned their corporate authenticity in the fight for ending racism in America. … (read more…)

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A leading health and nutrition supplement manufacturer IQ Formulations and its CEO Jay Cohen were featured in the recent issue of South Florida Business & Wealth magazine.(read more…)

c472397b2a5f5e2f850f6a706700f1f9_c0-67-2244-1375_s561x327 copy

The Washington Times recently published an article by Red Banyan Group’s Founder and Principal Evan Nierman, where the communications expert shared his unique insight and takeaways from the Lamar Odom story that has taken the national news media by … (read more…)


Red Banyan Group, aka RBG, is seeing its website traffic spike since #RBG began trending on Twitter today.

(read more…)

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Leading crisis communication agency Red Banyan Group was recently contacted by Bizwomen, a division of the national Business Journals, to share its expert assessment of Hillary Clinton’s performance before the House Committee on Benghazi last … (read more…)

Marko Djurica/Reuters

Petra Laszlo – ring a bell? If yes, that’s because this isn’t her first go-round with international headlines.

(read more…)

Barbie, the famous Mattel doll has always been an icon. However, the icon’s symbolism has shifted quite dramatically over the years. Barbie was once considered the model woman; perfect body, hair, clothes and man. The doll line’s problem began … (read more…)


In any industry, it is important to proofread. In the textbook industry, it is extra important to proofread. McGraw-Hill, a corporation worth millions and known well for its education publishing, is under fire for an inappropriately underwhelming (read more…)


Red Banyan Group Founder and Principal Evan Nierman was featured on the pages of Modern Healthcare Magazine yesterday.

(read more…)


Red Banyan Group continues its growth with the hiring of Vlad Drazdovich as its newest Account Executive. In his new position at the expanding firm, Vlad will manage a number of client accounts and execute a variety of public relations strategies and … (read more…)


This past Sunday the 2015 Television Academy’s Emmy Awards returned to the living rooms of television lovers across the country. Ahead of the awards, each celebrity makes their debut on the red carpet. Meanwhile, fans … (read more…)


Advancements in technology over the past decade have drastically changed the way people discover, process and share information. This, in turn, has significantly changed the public relations industry. And the new age of PR calls for an altered, … (read more…)


Red Banyan Group’s Founder and Principal Evan Nierman was once again called upon for his expert analysis by Bizwomen, a division of The Business Journals, in regards to the recent PR struggles and strategies of Jessica Alba’s Honest Co.(read more…)

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IQ Formulations, a leading manufacturer of health and nutritional supplements, was at the center of a great story this weekend in the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

(read more…)


Over the past two days, headlines have been dominated by Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to South Florida to sell the Iran nuclear deal and the large-scale grassroots protest that was timed to coincide with his visit.(read more…)



On our blog, Red Banyan Group often stresses the importance of effective and well-executed communications strategies during crisis situations. However, it is also important to engage in proactive PR to … (read more…)

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It’s no secret that colors play an extremely important role in our lives. Studies show that colors have physical effects on our bodies and our states of mind. In fact, over 80 percent of consumers favor one product over another based primarily on … (read more…)

In today’s hyperactive information environment and 24-hour news cycle, both personal and corporate reputations are no longer set in stone. Instead, reputations have become something extremely fragile and highly unpredictable – kind of like the … (read more…)

In one of our previous Red Banyan crisis management blogs we discussed the scandal that enveloped the Duggar family after the allegations erupted of Josh Duggar molesting five underage girls as a teenager, including his two sisters.

[caption … (read more…)


News is rocketing around the country today that former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle may be preparing to plead guilty to federal charges that he paid to engage in sexually explicit acts with minors and received and distributed child pornography. … (read more…)

Robbin Lubbehusen

Red Banyan Group’s recent appointment of Robbin Lubbehusen, MBA, as Vice President of Operations and Marketing has been highlighted in several South Florida publications. Local outlets spotlighting the expansion include The Miami Herald, the South … (read more…)


One of the most basic rules of good public relations is that you should not dismiss concerns or complaints coming from your customers. In the majority of cases, negative feedback should be acknowledged and addressed, whether the recipient agrees with … (read more…)


The recent controversy surrounding the racist remarks made by Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk “Hollywood” Hogan, came to a full boil last week when World Wrestling Entertainment cut all ties with the famous wrestler.(read more…)

screen shot 2015-07-22 at 1.43.19 pm

Public altercations and feuds can lead to trouble. When two high profile officials, celebrities or companies disagree, the public is most likely to take a side. The key is to be likeable. It is usually a good idea to not be the challenger, but when … (read more…)

In recent days mega-retailer Target has been under fire for selling a women’s t-shirt with the word “Trophy” emblazoned on the front.

(read more…)


TLC Network recently cancelled its popular reality show “19 Kids and Counting” following the public revelation of child molestation allegations against Josh Duggar, the son of the program’s stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.(read more…)

Donald Trump speaks during the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee April 10, 2015.  REUTERS/Harrison McClary

Concepts are much more likely to be remembered when presented as pictures rather than as words. This is why in building political campaigns and brands, images are just as important as the actual message. It’s no accident that in 2008 everyone … (read more…)


We’ve all heard it before, “You’re only as good as the people you hang out with”. The same holds true, not only for people, but companies as well. In the business world, your reputation is only as clean as the brands you associate with. … (read more…)


Greece has been in an economic crisis for a while now. Desperate for solutions and scrambling for cash to pay off their massive debt, politicians have been discussing possible ways out while the people of Greece continue to wait. Could it be that the … (read more…)


Most know the tarnished legacy of baseball’s all-time hits leader Pete Rose, Pete-Rose(read more…)

Dolezal Feature

Red Banyan Group was contacted this week by Bizwomen, a division of The Business Journals, to provide its expertise and insight into the recent controversial resignation of Spokane’s NAACP chapter former president Rachel Dolezal.

In his … (read more…)


In this day and age of the 24-hour new cycle and investigative reporting, little is left to privacy. As such, it is critical for every organization to understand that all things concealed will inevitably be exposed, and have the potential to tarnish … (read more…)

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Red Banyan Group client AILA South Florida was highlighted yesterday in The Miami Herald’s Community Voices section for its regional sponsorship of the Celebrate America Fifth Grade Creative Writing … (read more…)

Evan Nierman is Founder of Red Banyan Group

Red Banyan Group is very proud to announce that its Founder and Principal Evan Nierman has been named a finalist for South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine’s Up & Comer Awards in the field of Public Relations.

Showcasing the region’s … (read more…)


The Cleveland Cavaliers sparked controversy last night with an in-game parody video, intended to be funny, but which came off as tone-deaf to the growing concerns about domestic violence.

[caption id=”attachment_3320″ align=”alignright” … (read more…)


It’s easy to underestimate the importance of getting the little things right. In public relations, crisis communications and reputation management, however, the little things can mean a lot.

As former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced … (read more…)

The tumultuous times impacting American Apparel have been the focus of a series of stories by the highly-regarded National Business Journals. Reporter Hilary Burns has authored a series of excellent in-depth reports on efforts by the company’s new … (read more…)

IQ Formulations Weighs in on Testing and Quality Control.

IQ Formulations, a leading manufacturer of health and nutritional supplements weighed in on GNC’s recent announcement that it would take a deeper look into the supply chain to … (read more…)

Top Florida-based PR firm Red Banyan Group today announced its new company headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

The agency, which specializes in corporate and crisis PR, opened the new office following … (read more…)

Often, when people hear terms such as crisis PR, crisis management, crisis public relations or litigation PR they envision a team of spin doctors doing damage control for a company or person whose acts have landed them in hot water.

What many … (read more…)

In today’s online age, it seems the world’s most powerful brands are making the most reckless PR missteps. This week, worldwide powerhouse Coca-Cola finds itself under fire after releasing an ill-advised commercial for Fanta in Germany.

The … (read more…)

Red Banyan Group is presenting today at the 36th annual South Florida Immigration Law Update.  The event examining the most pressing immigration-related issues, is organized by the South Florida Chapter of The American Immigration Lawyers … (read more…)

A week ago the San Francisco 49ers hired new head coach Jim Tomsula. TomsulaYahoo Sports … (read more…)

“SORRY, NO CARNITAS,” said the signs gracing the doors of hundreds of Chipotle restaurants around the country. The pulled pork is incredibly popular with the fast-casual restaurant’s customers who order it in their burritos, tacos and bowls, so … (read more…)

We announced a few weeks ago that Jarad Geldner had joined Red Banyan Group as Principal and Washington, D.C. Office Director. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel (read more…)

Capping off an extremely successful 2014, RBG client NuMale Medical Center announced exciting plans for the new year this week. The nationwide network of clinics focused on men’s sexual health and overall well being grew to eight offices, treated … (read more…)

Top national publication The Business Journals again turned to Evan Nierman, Red Banyan Group’s Founder and Principal for his expert analysis on corporate leadership and communications strategy. In a series of excellent pieces by (read more…)

Leading strategic communications firm Red Banyan Group announced that Jarad Geldner will join the firm as Principal and Washington, D.C. office director.

Jarad brings more than a decade of experience in political, corporate, and crisis (read more…)

In a humorous and delightfully candid article for The Washington Post, author Phillip Bump points to the … (read more…)