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As the team at Red Banyan is wrapping up yet another year of successfully preventing and mitigating public relations crises for our clients, now is a good time to reflect on and draw lessons from some of the most widely discussed PR disasters of … (read more…)

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From mass protests against the company to (read more…)

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On this blog, we often highlight stories of social media disasters, when a careless Facebook post or an (read more…)

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Swedish YouTube star Felix Kjellberg better known worldwide as PewDiePie is in hot water after using the N-word during a video game livestream on Sunday. Known for his high-energy gaming videos, that are often laced with profane commentary and … (read more…)


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Any natural disaster poses a serious threat not only to people within affected communities but also to businesses and organizations that serve them. And such threats extend far beyond simple property damage.

Lakewood Church pastor and prosperity … (read more…)

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our growing team of … (read more…)

It’s back-to-school season, and many brands are rushing to roll out new products and offerings to take advantage of the increased demand for school supplies and apparel for the upcoming school year.

Following suit, British shoe brand Clarks … (read more…)

An entire girls softball team was kicked out from the Junior League Softball World Series over the weekend for posting a Snapchat photo of six of its players, five of whom were flipping the bird with the caption: “watch out host.”

The Atlee … (read more…)

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We are excited to share with you our newly updated name and logo. We shortened it from Red Banyan Group to simply Red Banyan, and redesigned our new logo to reflect the updated brand.

Check out our recently published news release for more … (read more…)

Around ten years ago, Twitter first introduced the idea of using the hashtag symbol as a means of grouping and searching for relevant content. Since then, the humble hashtag has become virtually ubiquitous, not only on social media, but in our very … (read more…)

On Thursday afternoon, Kenny Ames, Director of Client Relations at Red Banyan, … (read more…)

Leading crisis PR and strategic communications agency, Red Banyan … (read more…)

From sexual harassment allegations, to federal investigations into its software, to a $20 million dollar settlement over driver earnings, ride-hailing platform Uber has been plagued by non-stop PR crises for a long time.

The barrage of … (read more…)

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Red Banyan, a top public relations firm, is pleased to announce Kenny Ames as its Director of Client Relations. Based out of the agency’s Washington, D.C. office, Ames brings nearly 20 years of expertise in public service, advocacy, the media, … (read more…)

Coffee chain Starbucks has been at the center of attention over the past week. All because of a weird colorful and calorie-dense new drink called the Unicorn Frappuccino.

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With online video content quickly becoming the go-to source of information and entertainment for modern consumers, it is easy to see why … (read more…)

Following the forced removal of a passenger last week, United Airlines has been working to repair its public image. Statements recently released from the … (read more…)

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Pepsi and Kendall Jenner have been publicizing their new partnership naming Kendall as the new spokesperson for the brand. However, immediately after the first commercial was released on Tuesday, April 4th, it received backlash on social and … (read more…)

“Today, more than at any point in our history, perception is reality. How we present ourselves online makes a difference in how people view us. Our online lives may be even more important than our actual, real lives.”

Evan Nierman, (read more…)

Red Banyan’s very own Evan Nierman was recently invited to present … (read more…)

In just over two months since the beginning of 2017, ride-sharing platform Uber has somehow managed to involve itself in years’ worth of public relations scandals.

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The 2017 Oscars will definitely be remembered for its groundbreaking lineup of talented contenders, but, unfortunately, it will also be remembered for an unprecedented mistake that gave rise to one of the most sensational scandals in the awards’ … (read more…)

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) became the center of an embarrassing blunder when it mistakenly performed the Nazi-era version of Germany’s national anthem before a Fed Cup match in Hawaii on Saturday.

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Over the past decade, social media has managed to completely permeate our lives. For many people social media platforms have become the … (read more…)

According to TechCrunch, ride-sharing app Lyft recently surpassed its main competitor Uber in App Store downloads for the … (read more…)

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Every crisis situation is different and needs to be approached comprehensively, taking into consideration a variety of unique factors pertaining to it. Still, certain rules and practices of an effective crisis PR response can be applied across a … (read more…)

Last week, during a press conference in London, NBA commissioner Adam Silver made a very surprising comment, noting that NBA’s competition committee would consider shortening game time. The reason? None other than the shortening attention span of … (read more…)

Every PR pro knows how important it is to proofread every piece of content before making it public.

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In the age of social media, when everything is blogged, tweeted, posted and (read more…)

As Red Banyan turns the page on another productive year, it’s a fitting time to take a look back and revisit some of the biggest PR triumphs and disasters of 2016, as well as the lessons we can all learn from them.

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The Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot got himself in a bit trouble when he celebrated a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday by jumping into a life-size version of the Salvation Army’s iconic red kettle located behind the … (read more…)

American luxury car brand Cadillac made a huge splash in the sea of PR crises over the weekend, after a casting call for one of its commercials tried to recruit members of the white nationalist alt-right movement.

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The owner of a converted warehouse in Oakland, California, where a massive fire erupted on Friday, killing at least 36 people is now facing public outrage after his response to the tragedy on social media.

On Saturday morning, the day after the … (read more…)

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-11-52-21-amTo succeed in public … (read more…)

Athletic gear company New Balance came under fire after its VP of Public Affairs Matt LeBretton made a comment that appeared to support President-elect Donald Trump.

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Evan Nierman Red Banyan Founder

Red Banyan Founder and Principal Evan Nierman was recently invited to deliver a presentation to students at The George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs in Washington, D.C.

A graduate of the school and a respected public … (read more…)

No brand is immune to a PR crisis in the age of social media. These days, even the most well intended PR initiatives can land a company in hot water.

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Several major websites, including Twitter, PayPal and Amazon were shut down due to a massive cyber attack last Friday. Now, cyber attacks are nothing new in today’s hyper-connected world, but this … (read more…)

For several months now, reports of scary clown sightings have been making news headlines around the world. Often seen standing on the side of the road at night or wandering down a dark alley, the creepy clowns have managed to unnerve people so, that … (read more…)

The owners of a Ruth’s Chris Steak House franchise in Ann Arbor, Michigan thought they had a great idea when they came up with an unusual promotion – to offer their customers a special discount equal to the University of Michigan’s winning … (read more…)

Whether you are an aspiring PR pro or the CEO of a growing startup, the ability to present your story in front of journalists and other influencers in an effective and engaging way is essential to your … (read more…)

By now most of you have probably heard about the much-discussed reports of new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones catching fire or even exploding due to an issue with its Lithium-Ion batteries.

On September 2, just days after the first incidents have … (read more…)

These days, many organizations, brands and even entire industries are often criticized for the lack of diversity in their workforce. Be it gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, businesses large … (read more…)

It has been an intense month for Delta Air Lines. The world’s second largest carrier was in crisis mode when a computer glitch halted all flights on August 8, leaving thousands of Delta customers stranded at airports for hours.

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The Cincinnati Zoo, which was battling a PR crisis earlier this summer after one of its gorillas named Harambe was shot in order to save a … (read more…)

Olympic champion Michael Phelps is no stranger to media attention. Throughout the Rio Olympics (and most of his professional career), one of history’s most famous athletes has been under a constant media spotlight, giving countless interviews to … (read more…)

As the Public Relations industry continues to grow and evolve, the roles and skillsets of PR practitioners evolve with it. So what does it take to be successful in a (read more…)

In the Red Banyan blog, we often say that no one is immune to a PR crisis. This postulate is especially true in the world of … (read more…)

Whether you are a business executive, small startup or large corporation, the success of your business largely depends on your reputation(read more…)

Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai, a popular local doughnut shop in Portland, Oregon found itself in a bit of a PR crisis this week – all because its recent (read more…)

Red Banyan

Reputations are built over lifetimes, yet they can crumble in just moments. Today, companies and organizations face a number of high-impact risks, from product recalls and … (read more…)

U.S. shoe giant Skechers came under fire recently after its German rival Adidas filed an infringement suit accusing the company of ripping off its sneaker design. Adidas alleges that Skechers’ Mega Flex shoe is strikingly similar to its own Adidas … (read more…)

Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell was forced to apologize this week after he posted a disturbing image on Instagram showing a masked man slitting the throat of a police officer.

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Pokémon Go is not your average mobile game. Since its release just a week ago, it has taken the nation by storm, becoming the number one downloaded and top grossing app for both Apple and Android platforms.

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Be it a social media scandal, a product recall or a natural disaster, crises pose serious threats to the financial, operational and reputational … (read more…)

An ongoing slew of cyber attacks continue to plague U.S. businesses. Recently, Colorado-based pasta chain Noodles & Company fell victim to malware in its credit- and debit-card-processing system. The data breach compromised credit and debit card … (read more…)

In today’s interconnected world information travels faster than ever before. Businesses and organizations hit with lawsuits often find themselves at the center of news headlines in a matter of hours. Such publicity can have a significant negative … (read more…)

The American Red Cross found itself in hot water after a pool-goer tweeted a photograph of the organization’s poster she saw at a local recreation center in Salida, Colorado.

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Data breaches and other types of cyber attacks are becoming increasingly more frequent. From small private firms, to large government entities, … (read more…)

Red Banyan Group founder and respected public relations expert Evan Nierman was recently invited to moderate a roundtable … (read more…)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook has recently signed contracts with multiple media companies and celebrities to … (read more…)

Mars Inc., one of the largest food companies in the world and maker of M&Ms, is considering pulling its candies from fast-food chain desserts, such as McDonald’s McFlurry, Burger King’s

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The short answer to this question is yes.

The success of many modern businesses depends on how well they are able to communicate with the media and the public. … (read more…)

The advent of social media has had a huge impact on the way we communicate with each other. This, in turn, has transformed the way communications experts approach crisis … (read more…)

Red Banyan Group is proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, its Founder and Principal Evan Nierman has been named a finalist in the 2016 Up & Comer Awards.

Established … (read more…)

A holiday weekend quickly turned into a full-blown PR crisis for the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, after a 4-year-old boy fell into the Gorilla World exhibit May 28. The zoo employees had to act quickly and made a decision to kill a rare … (read more…)

Whether you are a PR pro, an aspiring author or blogger, sharpening your writing skills constantly is essential to your professional success. Becoming a brilliant writer isn’t easy, but there are some practical strategies that might help you … (read more…)

Crises put an enormous strain on any organization’s communications team. Non-stop phone calls, endless emails and inquiries from the media often leave little time to communicate with your own employees.

Of course, most of them will be aware of … (read more…)

Red Banyan Group Founder and Principal Evan Nierman was recently featured in a fascinating article by The PR Insider, a respected publication that shares advice, insights and interviews with thought leaders in … (read more…)

It’s not easy for a company to find its own voice in today’s highly competitive media-saturated environment. With so many similar brands competing for consumer attention, how is one to differentiate itself from the herd? The answer to this … (read more…)

On Tuesday morning, millions of Good Morning America (GMA) viewers were introduced to a groundbreaking new vision correction procedure performed by the nation’s leading vision correction provider TLC Laser Eye … (read more…)

Whether you are a business owner, employee or job seeker, your online reputation is extremely important to your professional success. Both modern consumers and employers use search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find information about … (read more…)

PepsiCo’s The Quaker Oats Company has come under fire this week after a lawsuit was filed against the brand arguing that the company’s “100% natural” claims are misleading.

The suit filed on behalf of consumers in New York and California … (read more…)

Last Thursday during the NFL draft something totally surreal happened. Top prospect Laremy Tunsil was passed over by team after team, until finally being picked up at number 13 by the Miami Dolphins.

The reason? Just before the draft a (read more…)

With the internship season almost upon us, we decided it’s high time we shared some wisdom about how students and young professionals can make the most out of their apprenticeships.

Internships remain one of the best ways to get hands-on … (read more…)

As we predicted in our recent blog, following Target’s decision to allow transgender people to use restrooms and fitting rooms that correspond to their gender … (read more…)

Crisis PR expert and founder of Red Banyan Group, Evan Nierman was announced as a finalist in the 2016 Up & Comer Awards by South Florida Business & Wealth magazine last Friday. This is the second … (read more…)

In today’s competitive job market, more and more students rely on internships to gain valuable work experience and boost their chances for landing a job after graduating. However, not all internships are created equal. The best internship programs … (read more…)

IQ Formulations

Leading health and nutritional supplement manufacturer IQ Formulations was named 2016 Business of the Year by the South Florida Business Journal yesterday. IQ Formulations’ award was announced last night … (read more…)

This Tuesday, Target Corp joined a long list of companies who expressed opposition to the recently passed North Carolina bill that requires transgender people to only use public restrooms that correspond to their birth sex.

“We welcome … (read more…)

It’s very nice when a company tries to connect with its clientele – tries to speak their language, if you will.

A little effort can go a long way, but this can easily backfire if you forget to proofread.

In a literal effort to speak the … (read more…)