Vlad Drazdovich is an experienced public relations professional and a Senior Account Executive at Red Banyan. RBG_FINAL-9811-3Relentless, achievement-driven and goal-oriented, Vlad employs his critical thinking and strategic communication skills, developing and implementing the most effective communications strategies that deliver outstanding results for the agency’s clients.

Throughout his life, Vlad had a chance to live in several countries and experience many different cultures. Fluent in three languages, he possesses a flexible and dynamic skillset, spanning the disciplines of Communications, PR, and Political Science. Vlad’s broad multicultural perspective serves as a valuable asset to Red Banyan with its diverse roster of national and international clients.

Vlad graduated summa cum laude from Florida Atlantic University with a B.A. in Communications and Multimedia.


Connect with Vlad at 954-379-2115 ext. 5 or [email protected]