A recent press release from Red Banyan Group explains how the company works with law firms to get results for their clients.


Red Banyan Group Demonstrates the Value of Litigation PR Support

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) May 22, 2012 Red Banyan Group’s proposition to law firms is simple: utilize our strategic communications expertise to tie a public relations strategy to your legal strategy. The net result is an outcome whose value far exceeds the individual sum of its parts.

It goes without saying that effective court room communication is essential to winning cases. The fates of clients rest on the shoulders of their attorneys, upon whom they rely to communicate skillfully with them, judges, juries, witnesses and their associates. In high-profile cases there are often outside discussions taking place in the print media, online, and on the radio and T.V. which shape how the general public views the case and the parties involved. In the appropriate situations, skillful use of public relations strategies can enhance the prospects for legal success.

In recent weeks two Red Banyan Group clients have done an excellent job using public relations strategies to bolster their legal strategies. The Lerman Law Firm of Coral Springs and Salpeter Gitkin, LLP of Fort Lauderdale are currently working on cases that have rapidly risen to national importance. The two firms have filed a pair of class action lawsuits in Los Angeles Federal District Court (Case Numbers: CV12 03322 and CV1203305) against the alleged operator of a Ponzi scheme and the financial institutions that facilitated the frauds.

For the Lerman Law Firm and Salpter Gitkin, increasing media awareness about their cases is of critical importance. Print articles, online coverage, talk radio programs and television segments in national and regional outlets have focused on their cases. The firms have been inundated with calls from victims from all across the country who have learned about their cases from the media and decided to reach out. Many of these men and women have signed on as plaintiffs in the suits; others have handed over critical information that is helping provide a clearer picture of the frauds and who was responsible.

Lerman Law Firm Principal Cathy Jackson Lerman believes that one of the greatest benefits of the robust PR strategy is that it is helping ensure that potential victims steer clear in the future of similar frauds. “There is no doubt in my mind that our efforts to inform and educate the public already have and will continue to pay off one hundredfold,” said Cathy Lerman. “I believe that we have a responsibility to inform the public about what has taken place and to do everything within our power to prevent others from falling into similar traps. If our efforts prevent just a single would-be investor from being duped in an affinity fraud or Ponzi scheme, then we have potentially prevented them from losing their life savings.”

Salpeter Gitkin Principal Jim Gitkin said that his firm’s work with Red Banyan Group reflected a desire by his firm to aggressively pursue its case against the accused fraudster and the corporate entities that made his actions possible. “Our work with Red Banyan Group springs from a desire to use all the tools at our disposal to ensure the success of our clients,” said Gitkin. “I believe that weaving together a comprehensive legal and public relations strategy can be an incredible effective means of pursuing justice.”

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