Red Banyan is not your typical public relations firm. Red Banyan helps organizations effectively tell their stories, especially when the stakes are high and effective communication is critical.

Crisis communications, known also as crisis PR or crisis management, is a specialized type of strategic communications. Many firms claim to provide crisis PR services, but few have the necessary skills, agility or experience to consistently deliver exceptional results for their clients. Red Banyan has provided public relations counsel to domestic and international companies of various sizes who have been in challenging situations and found themselves in need of immediate crisis communication experts.

Red Banyan utilizes a wide range of communications tools to accomplish its goals, including smart use of social media and other online communications, as well as traditional media engagement and powerful messaging.

In circumstances where litigation is involved, Red Banyan provides reputation management by ensuring that legal strategies work in concert with public relations and crisis communications strategies to ensure consistent, effective messaging. Our PR firm has counseled clients who have faced lawsuits, investigation by regulatory bodies, unwanted media scrutiny and unwarranted criticism online and elsewhere.

Red Banyan provides proven, high-level service and unparalleled responsiveness to the needs of its clients across the country and internationally.