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A video intended to shine an unfavorable light on Dunkin’ Donuts instead gave employees a chance to shine and brought unexpected negative exposure to the woman who filmed it.  An expletive-filled video shot by an irate customer went viral after being posted to Consumerist and other websites on Monday.  The clip showed an irate patron demanding free food because she allegedly didn’t receive a receipt the previous night.

Dunkin’ Donuts has a policy to comp a customer’s current order if they do not receive a receipt. This individual claimed that she was told to come back the next day for the service, but proceeded to order different items than she had previously. The polite and helpful cashier agreed to give her whatever order she wanted for free, regardless of the policy.

As she waited for her complimentary order, the customer continued to complain about the previous night’s experience and to harass other uninvolved restaurant patrons. After arguing that she hadn’t received her entire order, the customer began directing racial slurs at the two workers behind the counter.

Ironically enough, her attempt to oust the Dunkin’ Donuts location for bad service actually gave them free and positive publicity. The woman’s vulgar and belligerent attitude erased any credibility she may have had as a self-motivated consumer reporter.  The employees’ excellent handling of the situation reflected positively on Dunkin’ Donuts, showing the company’s focus on customer service. Posting the video online (especially after it went viral), brought the doughnut and coffee chain to the top of mind for viewers. (The rude and ignorant patron also inadvertently gave free advertising to certain menu offerings when she mentioned them by name.)

Along with the employees in the video, the Dunkin’ Donuts Corporation has also handled the situation quite well. They kept themselves above the lowbrow video and did not respond to it. The company did, however, issue a statement of commendation to the employee, and the franchise owner reportedly contacted him directly to express his gratitude. Both employees featured in the video will also be attending a company event later this month for further recognition.

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