The last several weeks produced several excellent example of how Red Banyan Group works closely with its business partners to help them communicate to a wide audience. One corporate client had the chance to share its latest news with NPR. The radio segment was broadcast in hundreds of markets throughout the United States multiple times, and was featured prominently on NPR’s website.

Meanwhile, a Florida law firm that works with Red Banyan Group had the unique opportunity to explore one of its high-profile cases in The Economist, a highly respected magazine with global reach. In a piece called “Fleecing the Flock,” the Lerman Law Firm discussed affinity fraud and a class action lawsuit it has filed against an alleged Ponzi scheme operator who targeted devout churchgoers. The Lerman Firm spoke about the same case in a story by Minnesota’s leading paper, The Star Tribune, which delved into the ways self-directed IRAs can be abused to carry out financial frauds, including Ponzi schemes. Legal public relations and PR litigation support are areas in which Red Banyan Group has unique expertise that makes it one of the leading legal PR firms in Florida.

Red Banyan Group itself has also been called upon by reporters to offer expert analysis of current events. In the wake of the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster, Red Banyan Group Founder Evan Nierman was interviewed by top media outlets including Reuters, and asked to provide his expert analysis of how the company handled its crisis PR efforts.

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