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The Oneida Indian Nation last week announced the launch of its new “Change the Mascot” ad campaign, which seeks to replace the team name and mascot of Washington D.C.’s National Football League (NFL) team.

Radio ads have begun airing in the nation’s capital urging the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell to end its use of the bigoted term “redskins” in Washington’s team name. Campaign ads will also air in all cities across the country where the football team will play road games.

Change the Mascot’s website and Twitter handle encourage advocates to show their support for the movement by contacting Commissioner Goodell, reaching out to their local press, and waving signs at NFL games.

The launch of the campaign has already generated a significant buzz in the media and online. Leading publications including NPR, USA Today, Forbes, The Village Voice, The Los Angeles Times and the The Washington Business Journal are among the dozens of press outlets around the country which have covered the movement and name change controversy.

To learn more about the campaign, visit the Change the Mascot website or read this recent press release.

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    • Hoffman
    • June 21, 2014
    • Reply

    When we lived in Alaska I listened to Native American radio and 90% of the listeners were against the Washington Redskins name & the use of an Indian as a mascot.
    Chris Rock puts it succinctly; “”Washington Redskins? That’s like having a team called the New York N******.”

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