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PR and Crisis Management

Our Story

Red Banyan is a top public relations agency with clients from across the country and overseas.

With offices in Florida, Washington, D.C., Texas, and Georgia, we possess the substantive understanding of complex issues and the experience and skills needed to execute campaigns that deliver results. Specializing in strategic communications, including crisis management, corporate public relations, government relations, and legal PR, we provide an integrated approach to communications, rooted in strategy.

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Our Expertise

Strategic Communications

Everything we do is rooted in strategy. We help clients produce and capitalize on success and we identify and overcome challenges. Combining our decades of proven experience with creative thinking and relentless efforts, we give our clients a voice.

Crisis PR / Crisis Communications

Our crisis communications expertise has been honed through guiding clients through challenges including lawsuits, investigations, unwanted media scrutiny and unwarranted criticism online and beyond. We excel when the stakes are high and effective communication is critical.

Media Relations

We provide both analysis and action. Drawing on our deep experience and relationships with international, national and local journalists, we interact with journalists to ensure that our clients’ stories reach the right audiences.

Online Reputation Management

We plan and execute campaigns that position our clients in the best possible light. We help companies, executives, and individuals protect their profiles online and beyond and safeguard their reputations against attack.

Corporate Communications and Branding

We help our clients define themselves. Slick logos and solid marketing help, but they do not define a brand. With public confidence in companies at an all-time low, our seasoned experts help build trust and improve communications with all stakeholders, internal and external.

Copywriting and Editing

You name it, we’ve written it. From speeches for political candidates, to Congressional testimony for Fortune 500 executives, marketing materials, website copy, and more, our team has authored and edited valuable, high-impact content. With skills honed over decades in politics and the boardroom, we ensure that your content hits home and delivers your message.

Litigation Support

We play very well with others, especially attorneys. Our principals collaborate closely with leading lawyers and law firms to help ensure clients achieve success in the courtroom, and win in the court of public opinion, too. We help clients stay out of trouble, and assist them when it cannot be avoided.

International Affairs

We have deep experience in international affairs and our reach and impact are truly global. We are able to identify and effectively connect with the people behind the policies in Washington, D.C. and all around the world.

Our Process


We meet with our clients to fully understand challenges and opportunities and to define success.


We map out an integrated, multifaceted communications strategy plan to accomplish goals.


We deliver tangible results and help our clients leverage their successes to drive their organizations forward.

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