At Red Banyan, we are often asked about the origin of our company’s unusual name. Interconnected, strategic communication drives all that we do, and we felt it was imperative that our own branding be just as well-calculated and unique as the communications counsel we provide.

The banyan tree’s interwoven limbs and deep, visible roots provide the perfect metaphor for effective communications. A variety of pieces connect to form a single, solid structure, just as our multi-faceted strategic communications campaigns combine various aspects that support our clients’ overall objectives and long-term goals.

The banyan tree is regarded in many cultures as a source of enlightenment and inspiration, which is something to which we also aspire.

Red is a vibrant color and it conveys the enthusiasm and passion we bring to all our work.

The dynamic character of our agency is well-represented through Red Banyan’s memorable logo, which visually and verbally links “red” with “banyan.”

A red banyan never existed prior to the formation of our leading public relations firm. The launch of Red Banyan has broken new ground, upended the status quo, and created promising new possibilities, just as we do every day for our clients.

Red Banyan provides an integrated approach to communicating—rooted in strategy.